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Project Management

Ho Chi Minh City, October 2010

quoteWe provide project- and press management of national and international events.quote


Custom Dutch Scenery

Bangkok, December 2010

quoteTo ensure a good impression on any event, we design several sorts of typical Dutch sceneryquote

Television Appearance

New York, September 2009

quoteTo reach and inform our audience we work very closely with the press.quote

Dutch Craftmanships

Ho Chi Minh, October 2010

quoteTo make our guests experience Dutch culture we provide several Dutch Craftmanships, like Delfts Blue Pottery.quote

Fundraise and sponsor recruitment

Ho Chi Minh City, October 2010

quoteTo realise an attractive event we seek for sponsors to coorporate with. In exchange we provide them with unique advertisment, for example in our Studio Rembrandt Frame Folder.quote

Dutch Craftmanships

Ho Chi Minh City, October 2010

quoteLike the Delfts Blue Pottery, we also provide Woodenshoe Making and many others.quote