Holland Promotions BV
Ridderstraat 20-20A
1811 EX Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31(0)72 5203021
Fax: +31(0)72 5203016

Feestvarken Producties

Office in Alkmaar

quoteFeestvarken Producties hosts business events not only in the Netherlands, but also on special locations througout Europe and in the rest of the world.quote


Historical Alkmaar

Since 756 years

quoteWith its cheese market and historic inner city, Alkmaar is a draw for tourists and the region’s centre for culture, sport and nightlife.quote

Cheesemarket Alkmaar

What Alkmaar is famous for

quoteIt is known that the city of Alkmaar already had a weighing house for cheese in 1365quote